The Ones

by N.I.F.T.Y.

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"T.H.E. O.N.E.S is a concept album of sorts. Each track focuses on a “one”; “Give it Up (One Gathering)”, “Christ-like (One Mind)” etcetera. T.H.E. O.N.E.S stands for “Through His Example, Our Numbers Enter Salvation” and it’s an intensely gospel-centered album. N.I.F.T.Y.’s content is encouraging, challenging and true to the word of God. In places it’s exceedingly bold, “Missing Link (One Parent Missing)” being the prime example of this as he drops some truly great advice at the same time as outlining the worst case scenario result of not heeding his counsel. Each track takes a particular people group into its scope and brings Christ to them in a relevant way." - Sphere of Hip Hop


released November 11, 2011

All songs recorded and mixed by Relic The Oddity at the Reservoir Studio Mastered by Relic The Oddity and Fortress Mastering
Artwork by Vision City



all rights reserved


N.I.F.T.Y. Toronto, Ontario

"N.I.F.T.Y. has an authoritative voice and presence. His vocals hold the strange ability to evoke the sound of Hip Hop legends such as Jay-Z – he has a mainstream but credible and classic voice." - Sphere of Hip Hop

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Track Name: Give it Up
My mind is on Him, so I’m grinding for Him// I’m too busy now I have no time for the sins//
Life is ups and downs, so I cry and I grin// But I raised my son right, I have Christ in my kid//
It’s the final exam, not the mid-term// this life I didn’t earn// He could have put me in an urn//
He is the chief, and I am the intern//and in turn// I give it up and put Him first.

I Shine hard man// a lion’s heart man// they ain’t no killers; they’re lying hard man//
a bunch of jokers so I gotta pull their cards man//no bluffing; I got the King of Hearts man (Jesus)
So shout out to Pastor Ty because iron sharpens iron and I feel so sharp man// I feel like I’m Clark Kent// I have the light of God and I shine it in the darkness//
The light of Christ is what I emit//I admit// if it’s of God then I am it//
I rep the Most High// no, I’m not high// I’m just that city on the hill and yes I am lit//
Track Name: Christ-Like ft. DJ Versatile
They say that I’ve changed ‘cause I talk about Christ// When I talk about His death; I’m talking about my life// and if He ain’t exist I wouldn’t be like this// I stand on His Word ain’t no way I might slip// Before I love my neighbor, I gotta love myself// before I love myself I gotta love Him// and now I understand ain’t no one above Him//and that’s some real talk if you wanna run sin//

When I say that I’m Christ-like; I’m like-minded// God gave me drive so I’m never blind-sided//He gave
me sight// He gave me a wife; who got my back so I never side track// He came into my soul so I told the rest to leave// I told Him take the wheel; He’s a necessity// this flesh in me was distressing me// and my body was so tired so He put His rest in me// and if there’s ever a time when I’m lacking energy// Your Word is my diet; that is the only recipe// food for thought…and He is the ingredient// my attitude was bad but His grace was so lenient// and you are blessing me// my heart was the field, you planted many seeds// so I said empty me // I found a new identity// my old self is gone and I am a new entity// Lord enter me…

This is for…anyone or any dude//Matthew chapter 22// verse 24// People are going to test you, they
want to see you flawed//and ask dumb questions like, “do you know the law?”// Listen, sometimes less is more// so do like Jesus did and just answer with love// Before you love your neighbor, you gotta love yourself and before you love yourself you gotta love the one above//
Track Name: Praise ft. NevaHurd
The great architect// author and finisher. All things considered, you get all my respect// We praise Him in the highest/ we diligently seek you// with vigilance we creep through// brazenly defiant/ to the works of the world/ war against darkness// roll brave hearted through the works of your Word// and the faith in your son, the opposite of sin// the Bible’s author’s composite of Him// Life’s manuscript, the Lord’s great//even the winds and waves obey, what kind of man is this// Who? Jehovah// we cherish in our God, we can perish with our thought/ while we resting on your shoulders// accept Him in our hearts…all up in my artery// flow the living water we…protected from the start// that’s why I only look to the heaven high/ where we’ll neva die// my name Neva I…

Praise – even when it’s good and even when it’s bad. I put my hands to the sky and…
Praise – surplus or debt, let everything with breath put their hands to the sky and…
Praise – give God, give God that… Praise – give God, give God that…
Praise! – ‘cause when the praises go up then the blessings come down

I spit light - spit life - spit Christ - it's nice - this is how I live life - I don't know a grim night//the bread of life - I ain't talkin about a thin slice// the war ain't mine my father always win fights//I took away my sin life - Now I'm tryna live right - now I gotta live Christ //He calmed my storms and made the wind right// and blessed all of the words that came out of my wind pipe// Let God do the talking -be a tight mime// humble in my spirit I Give Christ that lime// this is N.I.F.T.Y. when he's real – n’ really how I feel/ like a city on a hill - I let my light shine// no more evil inside// only when it's God's work - I do it with pride//I put the ego aside…He may not come when I call but He's always on time// So I…Praise!

Track Name: Crooked Preachers
T.I. went to jail/ Came out of that jail/ tried to be a role model was doing quite well/ he said changed his life and that he ain’t going back and then a few months later…well// you can’t talk about my teachers/ I call your rappers preachers/ they tell you how to live your lives and then you receive it// they say they’re all gangsters and thugs and you believe it//but they all tell lies man/they ain’t no wise men/ Wayne kissed a man, and said he ain’t gay/ and from what I understand this Martian is not ashamed? My dudes speak life/ they all have wives/ your dudes speak death – and kiss other men// and I ain’t trying to diss ya man, I’m just speaking the facts// but you are who you listen so you could be that/ and I’m just scratching the surface, I could have took this deeper/ but never look at me and say I’ve got crooked preachers…


You don’t know how serious man…you don’t know… I could have took this deeper/ but never look at me and say I ‘ve got crooked preachers. To you it’s nothing, but what if I told you, it could cost your life I could have took this deeper/ but never look at me and say I’ve got crooked preachers…

Jigga, gives to charities and tries to save lives// but says that he’s a killer, now that’s a great lie// you listen to them dudes who are full of fake rhymes/ but I listen to them dudes who are trying to paint Christ// I know…at times their lives don’t match up/ but whatever they are speaking to my seeds I can teach it// and Ricky told lies/ Fifty told lies/ but whenever they do something, man the city’s all eyes// by comparison, Eddie Long is small fries// Da Truth is back on track and he’s doing alright/ them dudes I who I listen to kick the wisdom, true/ but them dudes who you listen to end up in the prison/ Big, said he was poor when he was alive and reppin’/ but he lied a little tad/ he was really middle class/ I mean Biggie was a preacher, he made 10 commandments/ I hope you’re second guessin’/ ‘cause now a liar is a legend

Chorus x2
Track Name: Missing Link
I know this one guy - who calls himself a father/he’s scared of child support - never calling his daughter/ they say that she’s bad ‘cause she end up in detention/she ain’t bad at all she’s just looking for attention//If she don’t get it at the home - she gonna get it from the school// and if she don't get it from her dad - she gonna get it from a dude// sexting - texting – pictures in the nude/ I ain't tryna be rude - but I pray you get the lesson// if Daddy ain't there - she don't know how to look//so every man that she finds is either broke or a crook// spend time with your girl - school her on the game// men are like fish -- always going for the bait//now if the bait is your skin – he’s gonna wanna get in//but if the bait is your mind – he’s gonna wanna spend time//stop the stressin’ and address it - show her how to dress/ if you wanna change the world - spend some time with your girl

Man, I say what it is// if you wanna change the world you gotta play with your kids (repeat)

Now if your child is in school - n they say he got attention - deficit - disorder - then maybe there's some truth//but maybe it’s not related to the school// maybe your child is lacking attention from you// too many kids went bad 'cause their Dad went missin’// step - dad too dismissive - and Mom ain’t listening//parents don’t wanna play but they wanna do the discipline/so the child ain't balanced - 'cause the balance is missin/listen man// - this system is just lazy, if I had it my way - I'd teach em to be fishermen// so I hope that you listenin’//I got a new purpose - I got a new mission// men/ play with ya son - shave with ya son/ before he gets abused turns gay and he runs// the game don’t change unless you change how it's done// and I gotta stress it man -u gotta pray with ya son

Man, I say what it is// if you wanna change the world you gotta play with your kids and if it’s child support, just pay what it is – ‘cause there’s a bigger cost if you don’t play with your kids
Track Name: Understand (Sex)
In order to find true love, you have to find it in yourself first// look inside your heart, you can see your self-worth –priceless//and that’s what my advice is// forget about your past – get rid of all them vices// what are you expectin’ with pre-maritial sexin’// who the best is?// It generates comparisons// comparisons will generate resentment – resentment will make you think like a sexist// they don’t know what sex is// you gotta understand it’s one of God’s best gifts// Listen – if you want to make your love endless – then try to make it sexless- and build it on a friendship// but we’re caught up in this vanity//because everybody wants sex but nobody wants a family// too many single mothers, too many abortions, too many divorces and way too many orphans…because we don’t understand sex.
Track Name: (Un) Changed
Y’all married – you’ve got his last name// he put you through a lot of pain and a lot of shame// a drunk – used to pee in the place// unseen - unclean - he was obscene - to your face// you ain’t need him – but you wanted that marriage// n’ took the abuse until you had a miscarriage// he had other plans, he put his hands to your face// and now you’re facing the ground – your hands covering your face// shaking your head –your friends ain’t near// and a lot of those prayers always end in tears// Listen – I know you’re tired of the beatin’ and your tired of the cheatin’// so why you ain’t leave him?// he tells you lies, why do you believe him? I know you cry because your eyes do the speakin’// but try to leave him and try to go to God// I’m going to pray that He mends your broken heart// ‘cause that broken heart made you put up that wall// that’s the wall that’s got you actin’ all hard// and that wall is evidence of your scars and that same wall will distance you from God// Now, why are you scared of a broken heart again? Afraid to start again// this life is hard my friend// are you going to change because you chose the wrong dude? You’re strong boo// don’t make that devil con you// I wrote this song to – let you understand// don’t ever change from the mistakes of one man// I know he did you wrong and now you’re full of regret// but God did something right girl, you gotta show some respect// and I know these men lie and your choices stay slim// but don’t treat the rest bad because you couldn’t change him// or change yourself – or some part of you/ It’s a shame what a broken heart will do

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Track Name: The Journey ft. Shope & Relic
Before I enter the kingdom – I gotta leave earth/ so I’m parting from my ways like Moses parted the waves// a sea section – I ain’t talking a breach birth// I’m reaching for the sky, but I’m on my knees first// so I ain’t gotta put my feet first – I’m so fly// I’m walking by my faith I can see with no eyes// and it’s a long journey – I’m not in it for the ride// no fancy cars by my side but you can see I got drive// my tank is never empty – Most High always fillin’ it// yah feelin’ it?// I light up like a filament// I’m married now – so everything that I produce and everything that I carry down is going to be legitimate// It ain’t gold because it glistens// so I stopped being conscious – and started being a Christian// I left that industry and God blessed my ministry// He extracted the sin in me – this is a beginning me//

Word is truth, Word is life, Word is love, Word is bond Word is all that you need, you can’t go wrong (straight and narrow) You can’t go wrong – If you got the Word in your life then you can’t go wrong

Liberated from vacant chasing, now daily waking/And facing Amazing Grace, and aching to teach the message/Living in a tent, or apartment/ We all need the Light, so let me be the lamp (yea)//Cuz sin is never benign/ Figure 8s, big estates, never saved man/ Brethren, I’m tryna get to seven/I’m tryna get to perfect, so I’m tryna get to Heaven (so)//All I got to give/Is designed to fix/And designed to save these from the triple six// For I’ve/ Been wooed by the Lord God/ So what I got for you/ is a whole lot// I talk to God, I’m led by His word/As if that ain’t enough, boy I’m walking with His third/He ain’t a old dude, never was He old school/Ever-present, Ever-Necessary, Ever-O2/ The only One


My conception is immaculate// refined thoughts over a nine month growth process to bless the track with it// my light shine – life line like umbilical rhyme for each fetus in need – feeding my frequency most – High// breath into the miracle of style birth – conceived in the mind – the realm – tell ‘em to head out – head first// and put a smile on the trials of the earth// instead, quiet ya loud mouth, put in some work// packing light for my strange excursion// a book – of rhyme pages on my person in the King James Version// I’m holding my lamp – out ahead because the road has been cursed and the path is uncertain// the here and now – is here and gone and the moments are merging// other offers look soft than the light of eternal// reimbursement – is urging me further. My journey taking me closer to the Master than the servant. Word. Chorus
Track Name: Pride ft. Die-Rek & Relic

I am the one who makes you think you know it all My name is pride, I’ll be there by ya side right before you fall When I’m on the last thing on your mind, I’ll stick around Humility dries up, that’s when I’ll rise up and take you down

My life is His pride – I’m a Leo – Simba// everything I do you know I do it by His side// Now I’m sharper than a splinter – but I wanna be wise – so His book I’m going to enter// opened my eyes – and I read that I’m a sinner – I thought I was a good guy, good try, those were just some good lies// He’s the winner ; settle for the 4th prize // but here’s some dinner – feed it to your inner mind// I hope it enters/ God is so appalled – because our heads are so big but our ears are so small// and our hearts are like the winter – since Adam’s fall and now all of our souls have a couple battle scars// and we’re much thinner – no depth to our minds – too sluggish to fast – so the truth we can’t find// but here’s the kicker – throw away your pride – to be first in these times then you have to abide – in Him


Take it easy fella – I said He’s going to work it out// started off a zero, ended off a hero// sometimes you gotta lose just to gain I feel the arrow/ took it out my side no more whom shall I pharaoh// my eyes on the sparrow now I run with the heroes// I thought I was a somebody – yeah I used to brag about my hotties man// until I got too close and got burnt with a nasty tan// I played it cool though, the ones that really knew this// would never to get too close because I’ll be minding them with Judas// I didn’t know, I was blind to the fact – started cleaning up my act because my name was on gats// I believe that you create your own destiny – had to make decisions, pride couldn’t get the best of me// all this vanity, temporary living- the only thing eternal is the life the son has given

Track Name: Greater is He ft. Tyshan Knight
I gotta strong faith – I can move mountains// I got the living water so I’m drinking from the fountain/ got the nicest wife – she’s so fly I’m not cheatin’// beauty is on the inside – really that’s the meaning// I got so much lessons – through the little stresses – but through the little stresses – I gotta lot of blessings// now the power is inside – because greater is HE// so I can reach for the sky – by going on my knees// n’ God gave me life – God gave me wisdom// God gave me peace, I ain’t stressed by this system// I love everybody from the streets to the pews – no matter their beliefs – no matter their views// so if you love God then this song is for you// and if you gotta dream then this is what you do// your power is inside – because Greater is He// so you can reach for the sky – by going on your knees

Greater (x3)
Greater is He in me (repeat)
I am more than a conqueror – so I’ll never be in defeat Because Greater, greater, greater is He in me

All the pain and the hurt – can always go away like a stain on a shirt// ain’t no faith without work// always pray for it first – we’re destined for the sky, though we came from the dirt// God is always good, even when it’s bad. Pain is just growth – it will never last// the best time to give – is when you don’t have – and if it’s God will then you just gotta ask// take away your fears – replace ‘em with faith// your head to the sky – and a smile on your face// and if you don’t believe then it’s time to change your views// He loves everybody from the streets to the pews// and if you love God then this song is for you// and if you gotta dream then this is what you do// your power is inside – because greater is HE – so you can reach for the sky – by going on your knees